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What is design? Usually it is simply something really beautiful, a masterpiece of fine art. But if you define vehicle design, especially sticker design for business vehicles, this is a completely different matter.

Business vehicle design must reflect the client’s real purpose for this type of advertising; what message they want the design to project to attract attention.

Is it simple information mediation or a bit more forward-focused such as product or service mediation advertising? Or is your client in need of a branding design solution? Good design takes all this into consideration.

Since we are talking of sticker design, then the design must take into consideration material possibilities and vehicle specifics. The design is on a 2D screen, but the result will be in 3D. The client’s budget must also be kept in mind.

You need to know the full process. Only then can you create a design that really works, that can be executed to perfection, and that can be done within a reasonable budget.

It’s not just about quantity; it’s about quality.

Smart designing.

You don’t have to always be the brightest, largest, or priciest… sometimes a “simple yellow dot” in the right place makes all the difference and grabs your viewer’s attention.

This is Practical Design, what I am the best at – not just designing beautiful screensavers but creating designs that really stand out and don’t get lost in the traffic flow.

Shall we begin?

You already have a design? Second opinion, maybe?


For the average client, stickers are just something colorful and sticky. The average client thinks that a sticker design on a vehicle is like painting on a big canvas… more is better. But is it? Would you let your house’s roof be built by someone who is the best at painting a facade? They can be the best painters in the world, but they do not know all the specifics of roof building. Sure, a roof is also a design detail just like the color of a wall is, but there is a specialist for every specific task.

The same principle applies to sticker designing. Only a sticker specialist knows the specialities of this medium; from top to bottom, the full process, and every detail.

  • Have you considered everything?
  • What material and where?
  • Do you have the budget for this design?
  • Are you sure that this design works?
  • Can you put stickers to that specific part?
  • Lamination, extra stone protection?
  • Is it installable, even on other part of the world?

There are numerous questions when creating a sticker design for company cars. It is not just larger Facebook ad. It’s something completely different.

Instead of doing large scale work, maybe you should ask for a professional review just to be sure that you haven’t missed something important.

For example, maybe you need a second opinion for your existing or soon to be brand manual? I have seen many large companies’ brand manuals, and they have a really poor vehicle design section… even if they are transportation companies and their brand manual and vehicle are their main income source and marketing channel.

The Devil is in the details, and sometimes you simply don’t see them yourself because you are consumed by the full project. This happens to all of us sometimes. I know and have had my share of situations like this too.

Be smarter. Let me help you with sticker segment tasks.

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