Lectures & Workshops.

Lectures & Workshops

I have been in the sticker business for over a decade now, and I have found myself constantly explaining the same basic entry-level topics over and over again. So I decided to put together a few lectures and workshops to share my wisdom in this field.

It doesn’t matter if you are green and fresh out of design or marketing school or a seasoned working ace; I have plenty of new information, tips & tricks, as well as proven trials and case studies to lead any interested party “down the rabbit hole” of business vehicle graphics and advertising.

These are some of the topics that are covered in any lecture or workshop of mine:

– The potential for vehicles as a marketing tool
– Differences from other marketing channels
– Considerations for successful and effective design
– Understanding and using the materials
– Taking your design from concept to reality
– What to consider before designing, when designing, and after designing
– How to recognize potential mistakes and what to do when they happen
… plus a lot more.

You will get the knowledge of the entire sticker process from Hello to Goodbye.

Stickerdesign lectures and workshops

While reminiscing on times when lectures could be done in person, today I do them via Zoom or other online medium.

How this could be done?


It usually starts with, “What do you need?”

Do you need more material or design information? Maybe different marketing solutions? Ideas on how to increase noticeability or find a solution for budget limitations? Let me know, and we’ll find a suitable training for you or your team.

We can make it a coaching type 1-to-1, or we can make it a case study type of learning. We use one of my or one of your completed designs as a topic for learning. We look at what the problem areas are, what to consider when designing, and what materials should be used.

Workshops are the best places to see your or your team’s full potential. Just contact me and let’s find a solution for your needs.


There are different sections and possibilities for lecturing on this subject. From a marketing perspective to a graphic design perspective or even material preparation. It can be turned into a 1 to 3 Credit Point lecture course with homework and a final exam.


Prefer to learn on your own?

1- Get my book:

Poetry in Motion – Introduction for business vehicle sticker design.

166 pages full of sticker insights.

2- Videolecture:

If you prefer a lecture, then I have prepared 4,5 hours of material (6 academic hours) for you on our online course at:


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